Death By Pizza

by Tiny Fighting Trees

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Start a band with your best friends.

Just fucking do it.

You'll end up with something like this. How much fun can a band have? We intend to find out and fucking smash the rules until we can have more fun.

Recorded in our practice space, my bedroom, a garage, and a bike warehouse autumn 2011. JP, Brendan, Raleigh and I have all been in bands and recorded before but this was an adventure all its own. We had to learn how to use Cubase as we were recording this thing on my teeny weeny zoom r16, and let me assure you that's no easy task (Thanks German Tech Support!). Tons of failure. Many re-do's. Blood, sweat, tears and blah, blah, blah. The important thing is after awhile we finally figured out what the heck we were doing.

The result is a record that we are all immensely proud of, and we hope it brings you as much joy as it does us.

Thanks so much!- Jared and the little combat-ready plant band

PS The album is FREE! If you like it please consider donating or coming to our shows to support us, THX!


released March 19, 2012

Tiny Fighting Trees is:
Jared Goulah
Brendan Howard
Jp Guterl
Raleigh Hood

Music- Goulah, Guterl, Howard
Lyrics- Goulah

All Songs Recorded by Tiny Fighting Trees 2011

Mixed by Joe Mitra @ Wired Wrists
Cover Art - Scott Hile
Violins on MW, WPLTC and TGWUTSIMIB - Elizabeth Nall
Gang Vocals on Records- Charlie Popp



all rights reserved


Tiny Fighting Trees Richmond, Virginia

These Richmond VA punk rockers love to have as much fun as possible at their live shows and are currently promoting their debut studio EP, BATH SALTS!

Pizza Party!

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Track Name: Whose Streets?
exploit the weakness destroy the defense
I don't wanna be the one that your rules fall down upon
Beat back the menace
Fight for your freedom
I don't make choices for you, I just wanna know the truth

shatter the silence
show them defiance

hide in the darkness
live off the excess

Richmond anarchist in west DC
solidarity isn't a four letter word is it?
killing cops now just for fun
now who's lucky? tell me, who is the lucky one?
Track Name: Tim
there is a man, his name is Tim
he's a fuckin' asshole sewer rat is what he is
he's got the breath of an ogre
teeth must be rotting out inside of his head

he's gonna stab you in the back, so be wary
he's gonna stab you in the back, so beware
whatever he wants he's gonna get it
doesn't matter what it takes to get there

his name is Tim, he's a monster
he's got the charm of a broken spleen
Deep inside he knows he's mediocre
He's already given up on all of his dreams

he'll do whatever it takes just to sell it
he'll do whatever to sell it to you

doesn't matter what he has to sell to you
Track Name: Running Away
breath in the fire to settle my stress stomach
breath out the smoke with all my inhibitions
blatant introspection never helped much did it
I can't believe you forgot all those minutes

believe those thieves and liars
pray to god I'm not one of them
better think about what you have to say, boy
if you're chasing her, then she must be running away
Track Name: White People Like Tracy Chapman
how does it feel? everything you ever wanted
and to be drinking Pabst so distinctly blue collar
don't you have an entire wardrobe of American Apparel
tell me what you do?

so tell me what do you know about violence?
what do you know about poverty?
what do you know about class struggle?
so you got a book, so you got a look
and I know you got money, what else do you need?

the war ain't over there is no revolution
the parties over we don't play with guns
bullets flying family dying is peace an option?
we don't play with guns

I was there at your sixteenth birthday
when your father bought you a brand new car
and I read in the paper the day after you totaled it
that your father bought you another brand new car

so tell me what do you know about avarice?
what do you know about honesty?
what do you know about "your fair share"?
Track Name: A Magnificent Wave
on a magnificent wave
we came to take what we made
from the ones who were never honest
kicking back into rocks
compared to lowly crooks
we live like kings with bloody fists
and it was everything that we had ever wanted
Track Name: The Girl Who Used To Sing In My Indie Band
let's all dissolve in water like fire the grey ghost gave us what we desire

we lived like champions we died like men (we died, we died, we died alone)
but we're just boys and girls, enemies and friends

if you're looking for the devil, I can show you around the flat
thin computer fingers, eyesight like a bat

Mary's never heard of Castro, but she's marched in Seattle
we've all thrown bricks and pointed fingers
but which of us are the real believers

if you've heard of London
you've surely pissed Chicago
the dribble of the bullets
it all happened awhile ago
Track Name: Records
six strings on a beat up telecaster
play my heart out because I know it won't last and
sing eloquently, become what I hate

no matter how fast we play you
still want us to play even faster
same pop song played punk style
to evoke a certain feel

you want me to sell records for you
but I can't do that no
you wanted to buy but I'm not for sale
I don't need you and who needs you?

playing house shows and American legion halls
recorded this ourselves because no one would return our calls
scream like you mean it but I feel defeated
Track Name: Roller Coasters With Mollie
in the bathroom, familiar sickness
you wouldn't get between a man and his medicine
open capsules, chug some water
I get in line for some roller coasters
in the hot sun sweet euphoria
do you wanna feel how I feel?
I have another one right for ya
do you wanna feel how I feel?

I'm rollin on roller coasters with mollie
I've drained my saratonin for a trip down mdma (highway)

saratonin don't you leave me now
I don't want to ever feel down
Track Name: Disconnect
I don't want to be the last one in a hopeless situation
so I'm getting out while the gettin's good
I don't need your remedy for insubordination
I'm old enough to make my own decisions and I want to be free

disconnect the puzzle maker from his lovely puzzle
businessmen sip on expensive bourbon cocktails
the punchline of the joke is too obscene

things aren't the same as they were one year and six months ago
things are getting worse all the time
I don't mind the ridicule and dehumanization
as much as I just wanted to have what was mine

you control the world, don't control me
Track Name: New Babylonians (Puke Angel Pt. 1)
do not fear the man who is coming near
you don't have to go, but you want to know
what it is and what it was and what it will be
you excite me, you excite me

the new babylonians getting drunk and raising hell
for what its worth you were never one of them
you never were one of them

baby come close and have another dose
the air is warm tonight, I want you by my side
breath deep and hold slow
just a minute longer, just another minute my friend
Track Name: Tonguing Cheek (Puke Angel Pt. 2)
I never meant for you to fall in love it just happened that way
it seems like yesterday but the feelings gone away

everything I said it was sincere
maybe if I had another year
you're hurt, it's justified
my teary eyes, but this is not what I wanted now

you always thought the best of you and (I) never meant to cause you any pain
I hope the blood you drained put something better in your veins

now it's something that I always feared
I just needed to make myself clear
I needed something less severe
and now I've lost something very dear

baby, its you
Track Name: Fritatta [Turnbuckle Charlie (Puke Angel Pt. 3)]
I've never wanted anything as much as you wanted this
and you must have cursed it for it cannot exist
I didn't break your heart gently, this isn't love or lust
emptiness is worse than nothing

I can't force this feeling trust me it's easier to leave
than live a double life I can't find the words to say

I have to live my own life here in the River City
my heart is here with my friends and that's all I ever needed
to get me off of the couch and back to reality
I only hope that you can find someone much better than me